Who We Are?

MART SRL is an Italian company, founded in 1993 in Porcia, Pordenone province.
For over than 20 years MART SRL has been designing successfully and supplying machines and customized lines for plastic layer pad washing.

Since 1994 MART SRL designs and produces different washing machines models with diversified output levels, as well as complimentary machinery, in accordance to the market tendencies.
Through years, MART SRL gained a leading position in the layer pad washing machines market thanks to the steadfast commitment in improving technical skills in the direction of the customer requirements.

Today MART SRL is engaged in different R&D projects always looking towards innovation and customer oriented business model.
The high level after sales service is one of the key points of the corporate policy.
We are leaders in our field, for we strive to achieve the highest quality in everything we do.

We dream in a pragmatic way (Huxley)
MART SRL started producing the layer pad / tear sheet washing machines, when only a few people were concerned about green logistics and recycling. We were pointing towards the future and now we share our ideas with a large number of supporters, as our clients are.

MART SRL always pay attention to the real customer needs, being able to find the best solution for the concrete case.
We don’t make and sell, we listen, serve and customize.

We long for the excellence in design and technology. Our R&D department constantly looks for the new and more efficient solutions. We only search for a win-win business relationships.

We guarantee our partners:

  •     innovative and active approach in meeting customer needs.
  •     long term business partnerships.
  •     strong commitment to the reuse process.

Mart machinery can become an important point for all those companies that cares about environment. Reuse is a key-element of every sustainable supply chain. Our machines can become a branch of the root of a green-oriented business tree.

Three basic components make us proud of what we do: our Engineering Dpt., our Operation Dpt. and our After Sales Service. These three ingredients guarantee customers satisfaction, making mutual business relationships strong and long-term oriented.

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